At La Villa Romita we have the honour to host Yoga retreats organized and guided by Christine Borg. In 2020 she will be teaching a workshop from 7-11 September.

Christine explores an approach to yoga that was pioneered by Vanda Scaravelli. In this way of working, the intention is directed toward the quality and refinement of the movement that one experiences.
This practice involves a deepening release and relaxation through the undoing of tension, not through stress and overextension of the body. Christine demonstrates and works hands on to guide students to experience the subtle quality of movement, breath and attention that is integral to this approach.
“This yoga is not about gymnastics, contortionism or pushing, pulling and stretching the muscles. This yoga is about unsystematically undoing the tension in the body, so the body becomes freer and expresses an aliveness, clarity and beauty.”— Christine Borg