It involves a deep massaging of the sole of the foot and the lower part of the leg, which you receive as you sit in an armchair or lie out on a bed or sun-bed.
Through the stimulation of precise points of the foot, it becomes possible to achieve a general rebalancing of the entire body. Foot reflexology can also be used as a prevention or therapy for specific symptoms.


Bach flower remedies, developed in the 1930s by English physician Edward Bach, offer a powerful tool for healing and, if used correctly, can have extraordinary effects on the body and on the emotional and mental states. The purpose of Bach flower remedies is to help each of us to acquire awareness and to develop our best qualities through inner growth and understanding of the conduct that is harmful to our health. These easy to use, beneficial remedies help the physical body to acquire strength and help the spirit to attain calm and to widen its horizons.


Shiatsu is a massage technique based on hand pressure and stretching.
It is a practice with ancient origins whose theoretical foundations lie in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Zen philosophy. Receiving a Shiatsu treatment is an excellent opportunity to relax and listen to your body, mind and feelings, helping you to release physical and emotional stress. A massage usually lasts one hour and is received dressed in confortable clothes.

Meditation is a form of training that helps us to remain “attentive”. Being attentive means living in the moment, not being imprisoned by the past or worrying about future events that may never come to pass. When we are fully aware of the present, life is transformed and anxiety and stress disappear. Should you want to meditate during your stay with us, feel free to join Valeria, who will be delighted to meditate alongside you.


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